Reasonably-Priced Granite - November 2015

There are many choices when it comes to picking out the perfect countertop for your kitchen. From budget-friendly color choices to stones that make a statement; Granitech has it all! To help guide you toward your ideal countertop, Granitech is happy to feature the “Reasonably-Priced Granite of the Month”, a mid-level priced stone that features remarkable characteristics and beauty while remaining budget friendly. We are in love with this slab of Viscount White, a Group 2 stone.

Staff Picks - November 2015

Granitech has access to some of the most beautiful natural stones in the world. Every week we have a more beautiful stone come through the shop than the last week. Sure to make a statement, these stones increase the value of your home and showcase all of the natural beauty granite has to offer. We’ve collected some of our favorite colors in the mid- to high-level price groups for our elite clientele who want to invest in a lifetime of beauty and durability.

Steps for Granite Countertop Care

Many people assume that natural stone is a permanent material that does not need maintenance or care. After new stone is installed, permanent damage often occurs from neglect, incorrect cleaning methods and using chemicals that are not formulated for stone care. We have listed common practices for countertop care below to use as a guide for maintaining your natural stone countertops. Remember to always follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully for any stone cleaners or sealers.


There are many choices available for countertops, including granite, marble and quartz. While granite and quartz are great for durability and variety of color, and marble for its beauty, soapstone is a great option for its resistance to chemicals and stains.

Soapstone has three properties that set it apart from other natural stones, and make it a great countertop material:


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